Women that Rock! Meet Jordan Antidote a.k.a DrummerChick!

Rock N Roll Industries Magazine
January 23, 2014

I met Jordan Antidote one Friday afternoon a couple months ago at one of the infamous Black Fly’s Barbecues. I rushed into Steev “Creeper” Moreno’s office, who is our mutual friend, and saw Jordan kicking it on the sofa. Being the self promoter I am, I gave her my card and it led to a great friendship. But it wasn’t until later that I discovered what a bad ass drummer she is and how much she has to offer the drumming community. Tattooed to the neck and always sporting Black Fly Eyewear, there was more to this “Drummer Chick” than meets the eye. This current issue of Rock N Roll Industries Magazine is “Women that Rock,” and Jordan not only Rocks but she kicks ass. Now find out why!

RNR: When in your life did you realize you were born to be a drummer?

Jordan: At 4 year old I saw Animal, from Doctor Teeth and the “Electric Mayhem” on The Muppet Show. He was all over the stage, wild and seemingly out-of-control, but still centered and calm within himself. He was perfect in my eyes and that’s when I knew… I wanted to beat some drums!

RNR: Who is your drumming idol?

Jordan: Sandy West of the Runaways and Joan Jett even if she is not a drummer, she is just all-around amazing!

RNR: What is your music style in three words?

Jordan: Hard- Hitting- Joy! People tell me I really hit hard, and have a blast doing it. They are right! I always have fun when I perform!

RNR: If you could drum alongside any drummer in the world, who would it be?

Jordan: Difficult question, because there are so many that have influenced me. My desire to play and improve is constant, but I would narrow it down to Steven Adler. He inspires me because he had a heart attack and a stroke and still worked himself back into shape to play again. Oh, and Sandy West of course!

RNR: In what band would you want to play?

Jordan: Queen, HA! Too many epic bands, but I have mad props for Freddy Mercury and his ability to write and arrange music.

RNR: Best advice given you?

Jordan: Randy Cook from Smash Mouth told me to hit my drums hard, and always practice to a metronome.

RNR: What’s it like being a female drummer?

Jordan: Being a musician, in general, is amazing, but to play the most masculine instrument in the band and kicking ass at it, indescribable. It is incredibly rewarding to get acknowledged for all the practice and hard work that goes into it.

RNR: Any last words?

Jordan: I am truly grateful and blessed that I have your support, and want you all to realize that dreams turn into goals and become reality through hard work and perseverance. So in other words… “LIVE IT UP!!”


In Photo:

Drum-set is OCDP and Dauz electric pads, VicFirth Drumsticks

Sunglasses are by Back Fly EyeWear, shoes by Vlado Footwear.