Jordan “drummerchick” antidote

“She beats those drums like they owe her money”

- Thunder Roads Magazine


“DrummerChick”, Jordan Antidote, has been tearing up the Drum kit since the age of 8. Inspired by Animal for Sesame Street, Joan Jett and Sandy West in ‘The Runaways”, Jordan realized that women not only played a vital role in the rock and roll dream, but that her unique crowd appeal and professionalism could make her an asset to any crew who included her in their show. Jordan modeled the styles of masters such as Bill Ward from Black Sabbath, Buddy Rich and his Orchestra, and took copious notes on the methods of Tommy Clufetos who, before touring with Black Sabbath, was a noted contributor to Rob Zombie.

This level of dedication to her craft and constant drive to improve has resulted in a prolific professional resume and had her being interviewed twice by “ROCK N ROLL INDUSTRIES” for their “Women who Rock” issue where the “DrummerChick” continuously brings her story of the rhythm behind the music to the masses.

With multiple projects in development, Jordan is currently working on her upcoming book, “DrummerChick: Stories from the Road.” and continuing to give back to fans and those she inspires as she recounts the winding road of success thus far as “The DrummerChick” though her blog.





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